Market Segmentation and Targeting

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Whether you're to describe the right way to segment the market or explain the benefits of targeting a particular market segment, visuals will make your approach more successful. However, creating just the right kind of visuals before every presentation sounds almost impracticable. This is where ready-to-use substitute helps you do the task better. This is why we bring to you an entire set of PowerPoint Marketing Segmentation and Targeting Template. This professionally built set will not only make the information more comprehensive but will add more smartness to it.

Whatever might be your company's approach towards market segmentation, the set will prove beneficial. From product differentiation strategies to undifferentiated approach to the creation of an entire product line based on demand of a specific segment, whatever your way is, the set will visualize it all. Explain the methods and types to your subordinates. Highlight the benefits of the approach in customer retention to your bosses and clients. Whether it is your research thesis you're to present at the university or an introduction to concepts your marketing team has to follow, set will do justice!


Market Segmentation can be defined as the process of dividing an entire market into different customer segments. And Targeting on the other hand involves the company's decision on which customer segment to focus on. It has to be noted that first of all the segmentation part has to be dealt with and only then the targeting part comes up. It is an essential part of the business success and narrows down the broad market into consumers, businesses or countries/location. Demographics play a vital role in the process. Further, psychographic or behavioral-istic characteristics such as interest among the people, usage rate of a particular product or service, and so on are also important considerations.

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