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Meditation / Yoga

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Our Meditation/Yoga PowerPoint template has been designed to illustrate the greatness and benefits of the art of Yoga. The template is compact and contains 7 editable PPT slides which describe the basic positions and the benefits of Yoga and Meditation.

The template begins with an amazingly designed slide which depicts the postures of man & women and these beautiful figures contain markings which show the various components being addressed during the process of Yoga. The slides outline the various emotional, behavioral, cognitive and health benefits of Yoga and how it can be used to attain a healthy and completely disease free life style.

The set is compact and contains all the information and text already written into it. It is a ready to use PowerPoint Presentation which can be presented instantly by you because you do not need to add any content to this template. However, if you need to add any content to this template you are free to do that since it is fully customizable and editable. Filled with colors, this presentation is sure to make you receive an applause from the audience. A must have if you are planning to give a presentation on the topic of Meditation and Yoga.


Yoga is a 5000 year old science which originated in India. Yoga is a combination of many postures which are called "Asana" and therapies and which help a person stay healthy, fit and sound in mental as well as physical state. Meditation and Yoga have been known to cure diseases which cannot be cured by modern medical science even after prolonged and costly treatments. Practicing Yoga regularly helps a person attain the state of relaxation of body as well as the mind and improve the behavior, cognition and health of a person. Practicing Yoga daily for an hour or so will keep a person fit and healthy though out life and the person will never need to visit the doctor for the treatment of any disease.

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