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With our pre-designed PowerPoint Project Status Template, it will be easier and effective to present status reports of your projects. From defining the deadlines to discussing the major steps required to complete the task at hand, the template will help you do it all. With crisp graphics and attractive designing, you become an instant attention grabber. Slides on the set are completely editable and pre-formatted. This means, you can mold them just the way you want and your task remains totally hassle free.

You can play around the designing elements and make the necessary changes. So, if you don't like a particular color, you don't have to have it. Simply pick that you like from our extensive selection. Similarly, when you love a particular font style, you don't have to compromise with some other. From choosing the background color to placement of your text, everything is in your hand.

The task is super easy and super quick. You don't have to spend hours gawking at the computer. Nor is there any need to hire a designer or a professional to create your visuals. Even when you have difficult people to please and a lot of intricate information to include, your task will hardly take any time. Within a few minutes you'll be all set to hit the presentation hall and communicate your information with authority. Go ahead and shoot it right, you'll engage your audience like never before!


Every project needs a different handling. Along with different handling you also have different aims. And for every successful completion, keeping status record is a must. Project status report is further important for understanding all your project needs. Starting from how long it will take, what factors will affect its process, what kind of handling it will need, who from your team will do it well at its different stages and so on.

From defining the development phases to hitting on how many weeks, months or years the completion will take, status report makes every single point clear. It will tell you how good the going is. Whether you are going slow or fast or just as is required. You'll even get to define the strengths and weaknesses of your team with it.

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