Six aspects of Effective listening

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Among all the other sales and marketing related skill sets, effective listening has its own crucial place. We understand how important it is for you as a team leader to reach each of the members on your team with exact message that you intend to convey. Thus, to ease up your task we bring to you an entire set of pre-made PowerPoint Template for Six Aspects of Effective Listening.

The set includes uniquely designed slides depicting all the six aspects in most creative and attention grabbing manner. Whether you have to elaborate each of the factors or simply include examples within the presentation for each of the factors, the set will prove a great help.


Six Aspects of Effective Listening are part of essential listening skills that every sales person needs to have for better conversion of potential buyer into a real customer. It was put forward by Thomas N. Ingram, in 1992, who suggested that much of market is lost because of poor listening skills of a sales person. He advised that everyone involved in sales should posses these 6 essential factors of effective listening for successful sales.

These include:

Pay Attention

One needs to listen attentively and understand what exactly a buyer is trying to say instead of getting ready for immediate reply. Interrupting the communication will stop the sales person from understanding the entire expectation of the buyer.

Monitor Non-verbals

One needs to concentrate on the body language also.

Paraphrase and repeat

This suggests that one need to understand the buyers demand completely and confirming it by repeating it and paraphrasing it for better understanding.

Make No Assumption

One shouldn't assume anything on his own. Clarifying the message by asking questions to the buyer is a better way to stay safe from unwanted assumptions.

Encourage The Buyer to Talk

Sales person needs to have special set of skills to encourage the buyers to speak and tell what they really want.


For better comprehension and maximization of the attention, the buyer's message needs to be visualized and reflected upon.

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