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Economic Development PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Economic Development PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Economic development is the process of transforming low-income and straightforward economies into a modern industrial economy. Although sometimes used interchangeably with economic growth, the term is generally used to describe changes in a country's economy, which include both qualitative and quantitative improvements.

The knowledge of the development of the economy is essential for people or to the employees as economic growth allows living standards to rise and more people to find jobs. 

This is a topic that needs to be forwarded to everyone. If you are an economist or an educator, you can even guide your students and your audiences too. Not only this, but also if you are in social service and want to present your thoughts to the audience, this is the simplest way to present. So download our Economic Development PowerPoint template and slay in just a few minutes. 

What’s More Inside

Economic development is a process of focused activities and programs that work to improve the financial wellbeing and condition of life of a community by building local wealth, diversifying the economy, creating and retaining jobs, and making the local tax base.

We have included a few of the important concepts in this presentation:

  1. Determinants of the development
  2. Stages
  3. Building Blocks
  4. Difference between Economic Growth and Economic Development
  5. Economic Development Indicator
  6. Policies

You can explain the numerous conflicts that hinder the development of the country using a PowerPoint presentation slide. If you want to highlight the financial aspects of the growth process in low-income countries, then use our PPT template. Some specific methods and theories are there, which will help you maintain the economic growth in domestic as well as at the international level, thus mention them using this PPT template. 

Customizable Features 

Creating or designing a PPT might ask you so many things, but do now worry. We will avail you with a well-designed and pre-created presentation where you can download it and instantly become ready to modify it as per your requirement.

The HD vector-based graphics make the slideshow more interactive and attentive to the audience. Our professional designers have designed the slideshow, and the sets are available in two themes: Blue and multicolor, where you can opt for the theme you like.

Personalize Your Slides With Ease 

  1. The set is available for MS PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.
  2. Separate files are provided for Standard screen and widescreen aspect ratio layouts. 
  3. The presentation comes with self-explanatory and easy to understand visuals.
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