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Elevator Pitch PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Elevator Pitch PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Elevator pitch is a brief, concise, and a persuasive speech or description that is presented to an audience in order to induce interest in them towards your idea or organization. Elevator speeches are a great way to describe yourself, your goals, qualifications, objectives, intentions and so on in an impactful manner. It is called a “pitch” because of its short duration that can be completed during an elevator ride. To make it easier for you, we have come up with this elevator pitch PowerPoint template that is carefully thought and designed. It has the following qualities:

Brief yet self-explanatory

As mentioned earlier, a pitch lasts no longer than a few minutes. However, you need to utilize this time efficiently and deliver your message clearly to the audience. Therefore, choose your words wisely so that they are easy to understand and remember. Our editable template will be an ideal solution to help you come up with interactive slides.


When you are sharing your experiences, qualifications, or reasons for being a qualified candidate/organization, it should convince your audience. It should take the audience in full confidence. This is one reason why you certainly need this template since the attractive and visualized presentation will assist you in effectively delivering your message to its target audience.

Precise and Visually Appealing

The pitch should be clear and straightforward about the central message. The best way to be clear and precise in speech is by taking the help of these PPT slides. Drafted by professionals, it will also help you educate your audience how to come up with smart pitches and slideshows. You can cover all the important aspects of the topic and educate your audience about all the vital components through these informative slides. For your convenience, we have made the entire set available in different color themes.

The template has aesthetically pleasing, colorful, and editable slides that can effectively accommodate all the necessary information. The visuals will help you in keeping the speech short, yet easy to remember by the audience. Available for Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides, you can easily depend on this easy-to-use template to draft engaging slideshows like a pro.

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