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Financial Crime PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Financial Crime PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Did you know that 49% of the organizations across the globe have been a victim of financial or economic crime?

Financial crime has been an issue for many years now. Since decades, government authorities and businesses are trying to adopt new methods for preventing fraud related to money. Everything from cybercrime and tax evasion to money laundering and bribery poses a substantial threat to the economy and stability of the country, organization, or institution.

To help you explain the topic or assess the situation and re-focus on the challenges, we have prepared a financial crime PowerPoint template.

Re-focus on Growth

The financial crime PPT slides can explain the type of money crimes, its impact on the businesses and economy, and the roadmap to its prevention.

Since every user or organization observes these crimes from a different perspective or point-of-view, we have made these slides completely editable. You can modify the content, graphics, and look-and-feel of the presentation. It is available in two color themes; you can use the color tone matching your presentation settings.

Evaluate the Challenges

Usually, individuals and professionals from different industries utilize these slides for educating the audience and delivering knowledge related to crime prevention. For example, a professional from the banking industry or tax department can use a slideshow to elaborate on the influence of tax evasion and bank fraud.

Team leads and managers of the IT companies can also utilize the template set to understand the susceptibility of the organization towards the cybercrime.

One of the primary uses of these illustrations is found in key challenges and knowledge of terrorism financing. 

Understand the Issue

The set is available for Apple Keynote, MS PowerPoint, and Google Slides. You can use the format you like and edit without any prior experience in presentation design. It is possible to scale or resize the graphics and change the content of the slides. Simply make it complement the environment, purpose, and requirements of your audience.

Every slide is crafted and designed by professional designers in a customizable format. This allows you to attract your audience and increase their attention span with professional-looking graphics and appealing color combinations.

Download the template now, and educate your audience.

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