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A business can grow only if it provides its customers with quality and keeps them happy. While there is no alternative to this fact, there are alternative ways to reach that stage where maximum customer loyalty is attainable. The fully customizable TSIA LAER (Land Adopt Expand Renew) model presentation is here to help your company adopt a contemporary, effective, and proven methodology to retain customer satisfaction for the long term. The pack of slides will help your team course through a deeper understanding of the topic with its substantial and impact visual designs. The PPT can be downloaded swiftly and comes in two colorful themes. You also get the cross-platform compatibility with the template; this means you can display the slides on Google Slides and Apple Keynote as well. 

So what is the model all about?

TSIA’s LAER model expands as Land, Adopt, Expand, and Renew. Simply put, getting a customer, supporting them to learn your product, supplementing them with related services, and receiving their loyalty, is the motto. LAER model PowerPoint template focuses on each of the elements of the topic elaborately for proper comprehension. Land revolves around winning profitable proposals with new customers. Adopt is helping your customers adopt the new technology, product, or service they have purchased from you. Expand calls for cross-selling and up-selling and Renew minimizes customer churn. The PPT is abundant with this knowledge, insights, tips, and analysis that can be resourceful for your team.

You’re welcome to tweak!

As far as presentational experience is concerned, we have you covered. The high-definition TSIA LAER model PPT template has been designed by professional graphic designers to let your audience have exceptional sessions. While many of the design elements we offer are customizable, the integrity of TSIA’s LAER model must be retained and the inclusion of TSIA attribution is required. All the visual elements are vector-based. This means you can resize, rescale, remove, reshape, recolor, or totally reform any of the elements without worrying about quality drop. You can make similar adjustments with the textual content by adding to or editing any information already provided. With basic PowerPoint skills, you can make all these modifications. So just place in your sub-headlines, tweak the set as per your timed sessions and various audiences, and you’re all ready!

Expansive usability

Product and service providers, IT executives, product managers, marketing and strategy planners, sales agents, and individuals invested in studying business administration, all can utilize the fruits of this set of slides. 

So keep yourself from spending long, frustrating hours on creating a powerful presentation from scratch. Avail the offer as all the significant, practically applicable research has already been done for you.

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