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A well-researched and visually appealing editable PowerPoint presentation template on Minimum Viable Product. Easy to download and edit, it will certainly come handy to you on numerous occasions.

It is a widely used product development technique that considers various factors to attain optimized results. It heavily relies on the requirement of the target audience and their feedback while keeping all the key features as a baseline. The development technique was made popular by Eric Ries, who made it relevant to startups and IT firms.

The methodology comprises of three parameters: providing maximum value to the product, adopting future benefits related to it, and a feedback mechanism to improve the product over time. The technique is not about profit generation or following some stringent guidelines. Instead, it is focused on user feedback and solving the problems of its consumers in an optimum way.

Who can use this template?

Even though the technique was initially designed for the development of tangible products, it gradually crossed over in the service-based industry. Today, website developers, IT project managers, and entrepreneurs take the assistance of this vital concept. This entirely editable template can be used by educators and experts to provide productive knowledge to their audience or to train their colleagues. Professionals belonging to product development can also use this set to make their team members familiar with this concept.

It consists of:

The tool consists of a wide range of vector-based illustrations, covering the concept in a comprehensive manner.

Let your audience know the factors of MVP, customer development model, minimum viable canvas, and more with these ready to use PPT slides.

The set has covered the subject in an extensive manner. From the analysis to the deployment stage, you can focus on every phase of product development with this set.

How to use it?

You can simply download the template and use it as an educational tool to make your audience aware of the methodology in an interactive manner. Edit these slides the way you like and personalize them with a single click. The set consists of all sorts of vector-based diagrams that can readily be used as well.

The set comes in different color themes, letting you pick the one that meets your requirement. Simply download it, edit it if you like, and be ready to give a memorable slideshow.

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