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Over the air or OTA programming is a broad term encompassing software distribution, updating of the encryption key, and configuration of mobile devices, set-up boxes, smartphones, and secure voice communication devices. Since it is an essential aspect of software design, it is frequently utilized in the information technology industry. To understand the method through which OTA sends updates to users such as SIM card configuration and handset configuration, we have prepared this over the air PowerPoint template. 

OTA Mobile

The template covers several aspects of over the air programming, from its need in the industry to SOTA architecture. Using these slides, you can explain the working of FOTA, the impact of OTA programming on SIM card updates, and its components. 

As the set is professionally designed to be attractive and completely editable, you have a choice to remove, add, or include elements in the slides. If you wish to remove information which is not correctly complementing your purpose, it is possible to edit that slide for a comprehensive presentation. 


Over the air programming is related to the software industry, which is why professionals in this field can easily utilize the template. Software engineers use OTA collection to explore the advantages and essential aspects of this concept. Team leaders, managers, and even educationalists in the software domain fields can utilize the set to educate their audience about components, advantages, execution, FOTA, and SOTA concepts related to OTA programming. 


The template set is professionally designed, keeping in mind varied audience; this is why the collection suits different requirements and workplace settings. You can further completely edit and customize the illustration to modify it according to your requirements. Whether you want to change the font of the text, replace text, scale, resize shapes, or use a different color, you can edit the slides without prior experience in presentation making. 

The PPT is available in 2 color themes for Apple Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Google Slides. You can download the file which is comfortable and feasible according to your platform and start working on it.

Download it now, tweak the slides according to your needs, and deliver an amazing presentation to your audience. 

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