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If you are an experienced marketer, chances are that you must be familiar with the concept of paid, owned, and earned media. In a nutshell, any media can be classified into these three categories. Ideally, paid media consists of traditional channels, retail, and various advertisements that need a funding. Even though owned media is funded by the company, the firm has a complete ownership of it. This includes its website, social media pages, apps, blogs, etc. The earned media is mostly a result of owned media. It includes recommendations, reviews, blogs, and more that are owned by someone else, but markets the product nevertheless.

If you also wish to explain your audience about this radical concept, then simply take the assistance of this professionally designed Paid Owned Earned Media PowerPoint template. To help you, our experts have drafted an extensive and well-researched set of slides. Needless to say, it is a must-have set for every professional who belongs to media or marketing. Social media marketers, content marketers, business analysts, company owners, agencies, and more can also use this set to meet their requirements. Additionally, the set would also be of a great help to digital marketing gurus, consultants, and educators. It will let you explain the concept to your audience in an interesting way.

Instead of explaining various components of the subject in a textual manner, take the assistance of this interactive template set. The set comprises of various vector-based and high-definition illustrations that can be edited without much trouble. Using these vectors, you can easily differentiate between these media types and understand their common grounds as well. Additionally, you can explain your audience about well-known methodologies like Golden Content Triangle model or the PESO framework. This will help your audience know the sequence of the marketing steps they need to take in order to get fruitful results.

The set consists of various kinds of charts and illustrations that will let you cover the subject pretty easily. By taking the assistance of these graphics, you would be able to save your time and efforts for sure. Also, your audience would be able to understand the concept in a better way. The template is easy to download and can be edited without having any prior experience of designing. It is available in different color themes and comes with a full customer support as well.

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