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Shared Learning PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Shared Learning PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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The pure reason why teaching came into existence was spreading knowledge for common awareness and growth. As teaching and learning go hand in hand, we need not only depend on our teachers to distribute knowledge. We can also gather, access, and analyze a lot of new information from our peer groups, parents, and surroundings. No matter how raw the information shall be, we can always put it back up to our experienced elders’ perusal. Such activities give birth to Shared Learning, wherein a group of individuals gathers and share their learning to invest in a common motto. Shared Learning PowerPoint template envelopes critical insights of the same, the stages involved up to its real utilization and how it can manifest for the greater good.

There Are Many Types

Learning need not be limited to books and lectures only. Within a full class, sharing experiences is one of the best ways to learn about the world, differently and rather effectively. What everyone needs to acknowledge is the fact that each individual is capable of offering a valuable perspective or foresight. Besides this pool of points, Shared Learning slides can also guide your audience with three broad types of learning capabilities; Strategic, Operational, and Exchange. Along with this, as a presenter, you can edify your chosen mass with three additional types of group learning viz. Cooperative, collaborative, and transformative.

Tailor It as You Like

The PPT has been built by professional designers with vector-based graphics. The nature of these graphics allows you to resize, rescale, reform, recolor, reshape, move, or even remove any of them, with no hassles. Yes, you get the power to do all that with only the most basic of presentation skills. Not just this, you also get similar liberty with textual content. Since the content has been curated on the said topic, you need not invest your precious time and labor to create a layout.

Pretty Resourceful

Our entirely editable set furthers the vital discussion by what follows next, which is evaluation. It is imperative to revise and test what our minds have grasped anew. And next to evaluation arrives application. The set of slides takes a full-grown tour from learning to reflection to evaluation and application. Researchers, students on thesis exercises, learners in high schools and colleges, teachers, professors, lecturers, etc. all bear this template’s fruit.

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