3 Levels of Strategy

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3 Levels of Strategy

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The 3 levels of strategy are one of the most crucial disciplines for an organization as it touches all the major functioning levels – operational, business, and corporate. If you want to further explain this strategy model to your audience in an appealing manner, then you have come to the right place. Download this professionally drafted set, which features different kinds of HD illustrations about the subject.

The template can be used by all kinds of professionals who want to draft an educational slideshow on the respective topic. It can majorly be used by business analysts, corporate strategists, operational managers, company owners, and individuals belonging to the related domain. Even educators and trainers can readily use these illustrations to draft a visually appealing slideshow.


  1. This easy-to-use set features various high-definition and vector-based illustrations of numerous style, explaining different levels of strategy.
  2. From pyramid models to connectivity diagrams, one can find all kinds of illustrations in this set.
  3. You can use every illustration individually as well. Simply clip it out from the template and include it in any other document.
  4. These informative slides will help you focus on the strategy as a whole. Though, you can also focus on every level individually as well.
  5. It is compatible with PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.
  6. Based on master slide, it comes in different color themes.

We also provide a dedicated customer support on our products, so that you would be able to use it without any hassle. Since these vectors can be included in different documents, it will come handy to you time and time again. Pick the color theme of your choice to get it started. If you want, you can always customize these graphics or add your own content as well. The template will certainly help you save your time while drafting a memorable presentation.

What are the 3 levels of strategy?

The strategy levels are used to define a problem and make better decisions. The entire methodology comprises of three levels - operational, business, and corporate. The lowest level is of operational strategy, which defines how different components (people, resources, and processes) of an organization will deliver a strategy. The business strategy is all about beating the competition to boost a firm's business. The top level is corporate strategy, which defines the overall purpose and scope of an organization.

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