People PowerPoint & Google Slides Templates


People PowerPoint Templates and Google Slides Themes

Our People PowerPoint Templates and Google Slides Themes are ideal for delivering visually interesting presentations about your clients, target audience, employees, investors, and more. Professionals from different fields can leverage these ready-made decks to present on various topics that involve the essence of human involvement.

The PPTs are available on various topics, including people chart, people talking, business people meeting, business people with whiteboard, people holding hands in a circle, people at the table, men and women pulling a rope, business goals with people, the conversation between two people, and more. 

HR managers can use these sets to deliver presentations on talent acquisition, employee engagement, and workforce development. Project managers and team leads can highlight their team’s achievements and contributions to specific projects. Business consultants can represent tips for managing a team of people from diverse cultures, resolving conflicts effectively, etc. Admin managers can make the most of high-definition graphics to highlight the dress code for male and female employees. Social activists can also use the templates to present important social issues, such as gender equality and mental health, and other topics related to societal challenges, diversity, and inclusion. 

These sets feature aesthetic visuals and vibrant color contrasts to let presenters nail their presentations. So, download all the templates that meet your preferences!


  • You don’t need special tools or external aids to make the desired edits. 
  • The graphics ensure unchanged resolution on all screen dimensions. 
  • All sets are thoughtfully designed to avoid copyright issues.