Theory PowerPoint & Google Slides Templates


Theory PowerPoint Templates and Google Slides Themes

Grab our dynamic Theory PowerPoint Templates and Google Slides Themes to explain theories related to various fields in a compelling manner. These thoughtfully designed templates are ideal resources to elevate your presentations and deliver unforgettable experiences for the viewers. 

The collection of decks is available on topics such as the theory of change, systems theory, ERG theory, social cognitive theory, X and Y theory, diffusion of innovation theory, goal setting theory, self-determination theory, theory of constraints, rational choice theory, routine activity theory, theory of planned behavior, etc. From groundbreaking scientific resources to innovative business models and educational frameworks, these decks are perfect to convey your ideas with precision and impact. 

Business professionals, economists, and senior executives can present the tactics to utilize rational choice theory for modifying their business strategies. Management experts and economists can use these fully editable decks to describe the role of agency theory in corporate governance. Human behavior experts can showcase the principles and applications of social learning theory. Using these templates, you can demonstrate the diverse applications of the planned behavior theory. Communication experts can represent different communication theories and models to improve workplace communication. Additionally, you can use these decks to facilitate an easy understanding of the 4C theory, contingency theory of leadership, black swan theory, McClelland motivation theory, humanism theory, attachment theory model, and more. 

User-friendly interface, best-in-class animation effects, and clean typography make these PPTs perfect for effective visual communication and ensure maximum audience engagement. So, choose and download decks from this well-curated collection according to your preferences and bring your theories to life!


  • You can modify the decks without encountering restrictions. 
  • All visuals can be projected on any screen without hampering optical resolution. 
  • The design process involves extensive research to eliminate the room for copyright issues.