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AIDA Model PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

AIDA Model PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Conducting a sales or marketing presentation is always so hectic. But it can be just fun and nothing taxing at all! This means you will have to cut off some of the burdensome tasks. How about giving up creating the visual slides right from the scratch? Sounds interesting, right? When you have pre-designed AIDA Model PowerPoint template loaded with all the essential elements and complete editing possibility, half of your task is done. Thus, you can give up the taxing job of creating the slides right from the beginning.

So, with cut on this bit of burden, you have more time and whole lot of energy saved. You will have more focus on demonstrating how your marketing plan will grab the attention of the audience, create interest in them, make them desirous of you buying what you are selling and finally getting the thing sold. In simpler words, your entire attention will be on your message and how effectively you deliver it.

Now, whatever might be your area of application - insurance, medicine, investment, education or showbiz, or just anything when you have completely editable visual aids and apt possibility to enter your content, there is nothing to worry! You can redefine the background, change the font and color. Add your content just the way you want. With this, you can concentrate well on delivering the message instead of getting distracted by how to visualize. The template set consists of 11 editable PPT Slides.

About AIDA Model

One of the oldest known, most popular, and effective till the day, AIDA Model is a widely used technique in advertising copy writing, and overall marketing & sales. Basically an acronym for A: Attention or Attract; I: Interest; D: Desire; A: Action, it was created by Elmo Lewis.

Following this model, any marketing campaign, or advertisement, or sales strategy first needs to catch the attention of your target audience. Then create interest in them for your product or service. Once your-would-be customers or buyers show interest in what you are providing, your next step is to make them desirous of buying the thing. Finally, it is the time to take the real action or influence your customers toward the call-to-action, i.e. make them buy your products or subscribe to your services.

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