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Our Competency Framework PowerPoint Template can help you display your business ideas in the most feasible manner. This template set consists of 9 editable PPT Slides that can help you define the key characteristics of your organization.

Introduce your employees and colleagues to the four significant characteristics of CGMA Competency Framework - Technical Skills, Business Skills, People Skills and Leadership, and how each one of them can be inter-related to each other. The slide is followed by numerous informative slides that can help you compare the competency level with the level of skills and tasks. You can inter-relate the aspects like cultural change, rewards, career and succession planning, managing performance, training and development, and so on. There are different elements like role profiles, employee band matrix, short and long term plans, proficiency levels, bench-marking, and many more, to educate your employees. It has a circle that starts from the critical thought and reaches the steps like decision making, versatility, professionalism, and autonomy. With so much of data and such high-end graphics, the presentation can help you represent valuable information and educate your employees in the most impressive and stylish manner.

The set will save a lot of time and efforts and can be personalized by applying a respective piece of information without any prior knowledge of PowerPoint design or graphics.

Competency Framework can let you create an excellent blueprint of your company and define the roles of your team members and individuals. You can define the roles of individuals and make them co-relate with the organization and how everyone can work to attain the common objective.

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