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Iceberg Diagram

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From a regular classroom session in the university to a business presentation and industry oriented training sessions, your visuals including Iceberg principle proves really useful. Thus, we offer pre-designed professionally made PowerPoint Iceberg Template for your presentation excellence. Handle the theme in classiest manner. The graphics are bold and the designs are serene in absolutely professional manner. Adding content is super easy and you are free to decide the placement of the text.

You get the freedom to maneuver the designing elements as per your needs. This ensures 100% customization and total editable ease. You can visualize your concepts just with slight modification and a bit of touch up. The parts above and beneath the water in the Iceberg slides will give you power to speak your point for various different purposes. You may have to represent the possible risks that your project has. Or you earnestly require to explain the known and unknown market opportunities. Simply mold the slides to communicate your information.

From pronouncing the facts about competitive environment around your business to illustrating the possible sustainability strategies, you can use the template for various purposes. You get an extensive range of colors to select from. The available font styles and sizes are also wider in range. You save almost your entire time and efforts. There is no need to work around the slides from scratch. Howsoever difficult and complicated your theme and audience be, but you'd be ready within minutes.


According to Iceberg Principle, in many cases, only a very small amount of information about a situation or phenomenon is visible or available to us, whereas the actual or real information which is hidden or unavailable to us is much more. The smaller amount of knowledge that we have is called the 'tip' and the greater amount is called the "bulk or mass" of the iceberg. The concept and so the name comes from the large mass of ice floating at the sea known by the same name, as it too has a very small part visible and most of it is hidden deep in the water.

The concept is best used in the business scenario as it offers you to know how much of the potential has been realized or left unrealized. Best for difficult decision making, it is useful over a various different fields. To know the market, competition, and customers or to understand a technology, its efficiency and quality or it is venture capital and financing, this principle shows the right path to almost anyone.

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