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Cultural Iceberg PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Cultural Iceberg PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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In an organization or any other sector, culture is compared to an iceberg. When we see an iceberg, we find most of it as an invisible, and the other side is above water that is visible to everyone. Similarly, people often have a different perspective when it is counted in an organization, the visible part of an iceberg is culture assumption and values and the invisible part sometimes, almost everyone in an organization avoids it. 

Get your employees to be aware of this concept by using our Cultural Iceberg PPT template. Help them see both sides of an iceberg so that it can help them understand the organization’s values or norms more and in a clear way.

Let Everyone be Aware of it.

The other side of an iceberg is as important as the visible one. It’s just that we tend to ignore it. We can take a few examples of visible portions in an organization like behavior and practices. These are observable, which we do not observe and are counted as an invisible side are Economics, religion, attitudes, media, education, etc.

It’s always great to get something that is unexpected. Similarly, we have got unique features which you will find only here.

  • It is completely incorporated with HD and vector-based infographics.
  • You can easily pick any set as it consists of two different themes, like blue and multi-colored. It also has separate files for 4:3 (standard screen) and 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio.
  • It is entirely portable. You can easily use this template on MS PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote.
  • This set is completely customizable. You can easily resize, recolor, scale, reuse any graphical element.

Ideal for Everyone

This presentation consists of multiple slides where different visual aspects are used to brief your content systematically and clearly. It is ideal for everyone. Anyone from any sector can use this template to represent their views and plans. So be it a manager who wants his/her employees to understand the value of both sides or to the clients so that even they can be aware of the organization’s culture. Our professionals have designed this set in a way that you do not require any experience in designing any presentation as you can download and modify it as per your requirement. What are you waiting for? Download our Cultural Iceberg PowerPoint template and slay.

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