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From problem solving to team-building; from idea outlining to information & relationship structuring; pre-designed mind map PowerPoint template frees you from the burden of creating the visual aids. Moreover, designing complex graphics with various branches, symbols, shapes and elements is truly a troublesome task!

It is better to focus more on what you have to deliver verbally when you have an option to visualize your concept by slight modification and customization. With more time for deciding how to communicate the information well and complete attention towards the presentation and not the slides, you leave an ever-lasting impression on your audiences!

About Mind Map

Mind Maps, popularized by Tony Buzan, are special diagrams used for outlining the information visually. A kind of Spider Diagram, widely used in brainstorming, visual thinking, problem solving, and also in note-taking for effective learning and easy memory across various fields, they are known as one of the most creative and logical techniques in delivering and receiving information and explaining ideas as well as in note-taking.

To create these unique maps, one has to start with the main idea in the center with several branches around it leading to more information along with images, symbols, markings, codes, and keywords facilitating the associated ideas. This way, it converts the long list of complex information into easier, well organized and more memorable pictorial depiction that works in accordance with the brain’s natural way of understanding.

Role of Mind Mapping in Regular Presentation

When you decide to explain your points or communicate crucial information as a presenter; simply speaking out the points don’t work that efficiently. Thus, visualizing your thoughts and ideas become really important, and in this, using mind mapping technique turns out to be a most intelligent move, as it works in a simple to follow brain-friendly manner. It helps you in structuring the subject in quickly understandable and easily identifiable format.

Working almost like mnemonics, it makes your information perfectly memorable. As it works by making associations that brain can pick up easily, you can always look forward to use it for idea generation. So, whether you are to allocate work to a team by breaking the entire project into smaller and more manageable chunks or have to take up a brainstorming session with participants involved both as a group and individually, or it is a R&D project for which you have to gather and consolidate information from various different sources for your team to work on it further, it proves most worthwhile way of illustrating the information.

It always helps you communicate your proposition more productively in various different areas starting from goal setting, decision making, to time management, design & data outlining, team-building and representing relationships between various elements.

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