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Reflective Cycle

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Our pre-made PowerPoint Reflective Cycle Template will prove apt for your every message related to the theme of Gibb's Reflective Cycle. Created under the supervision of field experts, the set is perfect for professional business communication. You get best of charts in most attractive color combination. All the 6 stages of the cycle starting from description, feelings, evaluation, and analysis to conclusion and action plan are included in most amazing way. You can visualize these cyclically or place them in charts containing specially designed boxes for all the stages.

The set proves best in giving your thoughts a systematic and more clear-cut outlet. These diagrams are best way to structure your reflection on an experience, activity or process in more organized and accurate manner. Simply include your content and alter the slides where needed and you'll be ready with most impressive visuals depicting your message.


Reflective Cycle, more precisely known as Gibbs' Reflective Cycle is a popular model used for reflecting ideas, thoughts, concepts and arguments in more structured and organized manner. It is a useful method to think more elaborately and deeply through all the phases of a particular experience or activity. This proves great in staying more conscious of the things and plans that went fine and that didn't. It involves 6 stages. These are namely: Description, here you place what happened; Feelings, this is where you are to explain how you felt or how you're feeling about whatever has happened; Evaluation, this gives you an opportunity to explain if the experience has been good or bad; Analysis, as the name suggests, this stage lets you go deep down within the situation and explain what you can sense from it; Conclusion, this is the place to think more about what else you could have done to get the situation better or to make a process do better; finally, Action Plan, this step is to keep you accustomed with how to deal with the situation and how to deal with it in case it again arises in future.

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