Six Roles of Selling

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Six Roles of Selling

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Selling truly is an art and so is letting others know about this art! Deliver every aspect of the art of selling and make your team follow it almost religiously! Tell them all the essential roles it involves in essentially authoritative manner! Our pre-designed PowerPoint Presentation Template on Six Roles of Selling will help you do it in amazingly powerful way.

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Robert N. McMurry, an American industrial psychologist conducted a research on the basis of which he put forward Six Roles of Selling for building a more productive and effective sales force. These roles include:

Mainly Delivery: The salesperson dealing with it needs to have sales-related negotiation skills. It follows the rule that the pleasant the attitude and better the service is, more continued the sales will be.

Inside Order Taker: Here the salesperson's task deals with the administration and there is almost no possibility of the real selling. It involves completing the order and offering advice (but only when asked) as it believed that by this step customers have already made up their minds.

Outside Order Taker: This is somewhat similar to the inside order taker, however, here the salesperson has to visit the regular customers from time to time. Since, the negotiations are reserved for the higher positions of the business hierarchy; the salesperson doesn't have to negotiate and only simply has to serve the account. This may sometimes involve merchandising activities or product demonstration.

Missionary Selling: This set is dedicated to building goodwill, offering information or related education leading to influencing building to get orders. This may also require the salesperson to carry out services and promotional activities.

Technical Selling: This focuses on explaining the function of the product in order to make the potential customer more use-to it. Sales engineers are appointed for this role so that they use their expert knowledge to familiarize the product to the customers.

Creative Selling: This role requires greatest of all the sales skills! As the salesperson has to make the potential customer realize the 'need' for the product or service and convince them to buy it ultimately.

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