Stakeholder Analysis PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Stakeholder Analysis PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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From identifying who your stakeholders are, to have them come up with their power, influence and interest, pre-designed Stakeholder Analysis PowerPoint Template will prove most beneficial. Thus, we offer you an entire set of professionally made ready-to-use slides. From knowing your stakeholders to prioritizing them to understanding who among them are most important for you, you can use the set for various purposes.

With complete customization option, you get to handle the slides just the way you want. Whether you have to play around the designing elements or modify the backgrounds, it is up to you. Changing color and text and resizing the fonts is just a breeze. Of course, you get the ease of conveying your message; but without compromising with the awesomeness of the graphics. There is a unique flexibility added too, which makes the template fit for all kinds of presentation needs.

Map out the influence that your stakeholders have on a certain project or on the entire firm. Prioritize them from most influential to the least. Show the considerations or simply meet their needs. You can present each of these or just a few of them in visually appealing manner, with our template.

Based on proven standards, pre-formatted and fit for every version of PowerPoint Suite, you can use them in completely hassle-free manner. Adjusting them as per your individual needs is possible too. Just a few clicks and you have them incorporated into your visual aids. So, within a few minutes, without making a lot of efforts, you are all set to impress your audience.


Stakeholder Analysis is a technique used for identifying people or groups of people who will either affect or get affected by a proposed action. It further involves grouping them out as per the impact that they have on the action as well as the impact that the action has on them. When it forms the part of conflict resolution or project management or business administration, it then includes careful consideration and equilibrating the demands that any firm has on behalf of each of those who have claim on it.

This technique is vital for the success of almost every project and organization type. Every project you run and every action that you take always affects people and more they affect the more impact they have. Thus, when your actions affect more people, you have better likelihood of impacting more powerful and influential people who can support as well as block your project.

With proper analysis you get to give better direction to your projects with the help of your supportive stakeholders. In this way you don’t just get their valuable opinions but also their inputs for quality improvement. Next, when you have better support, you also get to win more resources and turn your task or action into complete success.

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