Stonehenge PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Stonehenge PowerPoint and Google Slides Template


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Our Stonehenge PowerPoint template contains 6 fully editable PPT slides, each with a unique concept and design. Although the slides are ready-to-use in their raw form, you can easily customize them as per your requirements. You can modify colors, texts, sizes and icons. The graphics are unconventional and would give your presentation a different look and capture audience's attention.

The first slide has 4 big Stonehenge which you can use to introduce main topics your presentation is going to cover. There is also a slide with numerous smaller Stonehenge in a circular setting; ideal for listing out your minor sub-headings. Once you are done explaining one theory/idea to the audience you can knock-off that particular stone.

Like the real Stonehenge are arranged in concentric circles you can delve deeper into the details of each idea by marking everything in these slides. Begin by the biggest circle which could be your broad idea and work your way to the inner circle. You can also go in the reverse direction.

This design is perfect if you want your presentation to look out-of- the box and stand out in the crowd. Using this template can surely increase your chances of impressing your target audience.

This template is ideal for all industries, whether a big corporate house or a relatively new start-up. It can be used by skilled professionals as well as relatively inexperienced professionals who want to present a new idea to potential investors. The modern graphics and bold design are ideal for any market.

The idea of this design comes from the 10,000 year old World heritage site in England known for its raised circle of huge rectangular stones set in a field. It is one of the most popular megalithic monuments in the world. One of the theories about the monument suggests that it could have been an ancient team building exercise. This resonates with the idea of modern jobs, which are the outcome of the hard work of an entire team.

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