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6 Row 6 Column Table

6 Row 6 Column Table

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Use our 6 Row 6 Column Table presentation graphic for PowerPoint and Google Slides to break up text-heavy information, making it easy to understand. It features a tabular illustration with entirely editable cells.

This multi-use infographic comes in handy for product managers and business development executives to represent a comparison of different products, services, or ideas based on their features, prices, or performance. Financial analysts can also use this illustration to showcase trends over time in a well-summarized manner. Further, the infographic is the perfect visual aid to highlight survey results.

Distinctive Features

  • The graphic can be customized to suit your needs without a fuss.
  • You can scale the layout on any screen size without optical resolution loss.
  • Each object is meticulously designed to keep copyright violation issues at bay.
  • You can leverage this infographic an end number of times after downloading once.

Leverage this versatile tabular infographic to convey your message with clarity and impact and give your slideshows a touch of creativity; get it now!

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