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7 Layers Dual Funnel

7 Layers Dual Funnel

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Our 7 Layers Dual Funnel presentation graphic for PowerPoint and Google Slides is a versatile and impactful resource to visually communicate important information. The slide features an infographic of connected funnels and ample space to insert your content.

Sales professionals and customer success managers can capitalize on the graphic to demonstrate steps to convert potential leads into loyal customers. Market analysts can also use this infographic to depict the ideal target audience for the specific product and services. The visual is the best pick for HR professionals to illustrate the employee onboarding and offboarding stages. Additionally, you can capitalize on the diagram to display different stages of website optimization, with one funnel representing traffic and the other representing conversions.

Key Features

  • The graphic can be conveniently modified without investing much time or effort.
  • You can scale the illustration to any screen without hampering the optical resolution.
  • Each object is designed carefully to ensure no user encounters copyright violation issues.
  • Our customer support staff is available around-the-clock to address your queries instantly.

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