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Biological Oxygen Demand

Biological Oxygen Demand

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Download our Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) PowerPoint and Google Slides template to portray the measure that helps determine the amount of oxygen microorganisms consume in water for decomposing organic matter. You can also use this deck to describe how BOD helps indicate the organic pollution level in water bodies, such as rivers, lakes, and wastewater. Environmental scientists and wastewater treatment professionals can use this set to portray the role of this parameter in water quality monitoring and management, assessing wastewater treatment processes, evaluating the overall health of aquatic ecosystems, and more.

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What’s Inside the PPT?

  • A brief overview of BOD is presented through a well-designed layout.
  • The sources of BOD are highlighted via a beautiful graphic.
  • An eye-catching infographic depicts factors affecting BOD.
  • The key reasons why BOD is essential are displayed comprehensively.


  • The users can quickly modify the deck elements without encountering restrictions or challenges.
  • All visuals will deliver the same resolution on all screen dimensions.
  • Each set attribute has been thoughtfully designed to eliminate the room for copyright issues.

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