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Bradley Curve

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Promote safety at your organization

Safety is integral to the growth and success of any organization. A safe environment is one where all employees feel comfortable, safe and have strong accountability mechanisms. Creating a safety culture is easier said than done. It requires both external and internal buy in. Over the years, the Bradley Curve has emerged as a reliable model for understanding where in the safety culture journey an organization is.

Based on this, an organization can begin working to institute reforms and improvements. Today, the curve is considered a reliable indicator of the maturity of an organization’s safety culture. Interested? Take a look at our Bradley Curve PowerPoint template. It outlines the model in detail and depth.

Shine a light on the key parts of this model

This pre-prepared PPT presentation features a range of Bradley Curve charts and graphics. Each of them offers a different perspective into the model and its uses. Depending on your goals, you can easily add these graphics into your existing documents and materials. Some of the key parts of this model that are covered in this set are:

  1. The relationship between your natural instincts, your management and yourself
  2. What kind of organization you work at (reactive, dependent, independent and interdependent)?
  3. The role external motivation compliance and internal motivation commitment play
  4. The relationship between leadership, organization and processes and activities

Save valuable time and resources

Even though slideshow creation is a rather common task today, it is still a time-consuming process. This is because although most people are subject matter experts in their field, they are not as capable when it comes to design and formatting. As a result, they spend copious amounts of time and resources trying to perfect their presentations. This is where we come in. We have a team of graphic designers who do all the challenging design work for you. They have significant prior experience crafting editable layouts, so you are in good hands. Our set is professional and high quality. It is also available to you in two different color palettes.

We have also done a lot of work to ensure that this template is easy to navigate and use. In just a few simple clicks you will be able to add, remove, edit and scale content. Additionally, we recognize that people have different levels of comfort when it comes to presentation creation and delivery programs. This is why we have formatted this layout so that it is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.

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