Burke Litwin Model

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Burke Litwin Model

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Explaining the Burke Litwin Model to your audience is now easier than ever. Simply take the assistance of this readily available PowerPoint template and draft visually stunning presentations. If you wish to educate your audience about the model, then this would be a highly useful set for you. HR professionals, policy makers, consultants, subject matter experts, educators, and all the other individuals who are related to the topic can use this set. It will help you draft informative and impressive presentations in less time.


  1. The template features different high-definition illustrations, explaining the Burke Litwin model in a comprehensive manner.
  2. All these PPT slides are extremely easy to edit and has been drafted by our experts after an extensive research.
  3. You can cover all the major components of the model, its phases, the effects, and more using these vector-based illustrations.
  4. Simply clip out the illustration of your choice and include it in any other document. If you want, you can use the entire set the way it is as well.
  5. It is available for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.
  6. The entire template is based on a master slide and comes in different color themes.

Furthermore, the set comes with a dedicated customer support as well. Therefore, all your queries will be resolved instantly, letting you make the most of this template. You can add your own content and edit the overall appearance of these vectors with a single click. This will help you draft visually stunning and highly informative presentations in no time. Download it right away and use it time and time again without any hassle.


The Burke Litwin Model is used to depict the relationship between cause and effect in an organization. It comprises of 12 major organizational dimensions that drive the overall change in any firm. Both, external and internal factors are considered in the model. The first order changes happen when certain features in an organization are changed. Though, the second order changes take place when an organization undergoes a fundamental modification. The model is closely related to an organization's culture, individual needs, company policies, leadership, and so on.

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