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Competency Based Training (or commonly known as CBT) is a highly popular vocational training practice that is implemented in almost every domain. If you are also a trainer and would like to teach your audience about this form of training, then you should download this professionally drafted Competency based training PowerPoint template. It features numerous PPT slides, explaining the subject in an in-depth manner.


Unlike time-based training, Competency Based Training is focused on a person's skill set. That is, what kind of work they can do or what is required in the job. Certain competency standards are used to measure the level of expertise a person holds. The training module is related to a specific industry and is more focused on knowledge and skill development. Besides considering certain standards, self-evaluation also plays a crucial role in it.

Major Features

  1. The set consists of different professionally drafted vector-based illustrations that can be used to explain the subject in a visually appealing manner.
  2. By taking the assistance of these ready-made PowerPoint slides, you can define the CBT model, cover its basic process, the right approach, the training system, its need, importance, and so much more.
  3. As you can see, the set is available in different color themes. Therefore, you can just pick the theme that goes well with the tone of your organization.
  4. If you are a trainer or deals with the development of your firm's human resource, then this would be a must-have template for you. You can educate your colleagues and trainees about the topic pretty easily.
  5. Besides that, project managers, HR executives, consultants, subject matter experts, and educators can also use this set to meet their requirements.

Just download this template once and use it time and time again to draft a visually appealing and informative slideshow. It comes with a dedicated customer support and is extremely easy to use. You can make the relevant edits, add your own content, and get rid of any component without any hassle.

It is based on a master slide so that all the changes will be made pretty easily. Besides PowerPoint, you can also use these illustrations in Keynote and Google Slides as well. With so much to offer, this is a highly useful set that will let you draft an impressive presentation in no time.

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