Cyclone Vs Tornado

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Cyclone Vs Tornado

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Both cyclones and tornadoes are intense storms that have the potential to cause destruction. Though they both are spiraling storms, they are not the same. With our Cyclone vs. Tornado template for Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, you can present the comparison between these two weather phenomena based on how they form, their characteristics, and more. Meteorologists and educators can leverage this editable deck to impart information that cyclones form when moist tropical air rises above the ocean and condenses, leaving less air at the surface. Conversely, tornadoes are caused by a swirling vortex of air sparked by the meeting of low and high atmospheric pressures. You can also describe that a cyclone primarily occurs in the ocean, whereas a tornado happens on land.

The slides comprising a tabular illustration represent the comparison between the two weather phenomena based on their occurrence, size, how long they last, and much more. A brief overview of each storm type is also depicted precisely.

Spellbinding Features

  • Easy to edit; the users can quickly modify the deck elements without investing much effort or time.
  • The vector-based infographics can be scaled on any screen without disturbing the optical resolution.
  • Every set attribute has been extensively researched to prevent copyright issues.

So, download this aesthetically-pleasing PPT to transform boring presentations into insightful and meaningful ones!

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