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Endpoint Security Vs Antivirus

Endpoint Security Vs Antivirus

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Download the content-enriched Endpoint Security vs Antivirus PPT template and explain to your audience how both software are different in terms of purposes they meet. You can showcase how antivirus acts as a cybersecurity progenitor; on the other hand, endpoint security strengthens the antivirus and protects all endpoints. With the visuals, you can demonstrate how the previous one detects or removes malware, and the latter one detects malicious network activity and protects computer networks. IT executives and network security managers can shed light on other differences between them based on their capabilities, like data loss prevention, sandboxing, etc.

Striking Visuals

Incorporate the slides to draw the intended audience's attention and present your information in a meaningful manner.

  • The key differences between both of them are beautifully presented using an innovative diagram.
  • A detailed explanation of how both terms are distinct based on multiple factors is provided through an eye-catching layout.

Remarkable Features

  • The PPT available here is one-time downloadable and lifelong usable.
  • It contains editable PowerPoint slides to let you customize them as per the presentation's needs.
  • Despite many edits, there will be no loss to the resolution.
  • Since the designs are made from scratch, they are free from copyright issues.
  • In case any doubt arises, you can immediately contact our customer support team.

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