Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart Templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Gantt Chart templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides help you illustrate project schedules and showcasing relationships between different tasks. You can display how the project is rolling out and keep your stakeholders, clients, and teams informed. In a nutshell, you can represent your projects visually using our PPTs.

Our presentations serve as a powerful communication tool that enables you to share your inputs on particular aspects of projects, seek ideas from team members, and keep them unified towards a common goal.


Importance of the Gantt Charts Slides

A Gantt Chart is a bar chart like diagram that represents various tasks to be performed and the time duration of each task associated with a project.

All projects - be small or large, simple or complex - need efficient planning for their successful delivery. While managing projects, project managers juggle between people, tasks, deadlines, and much more. Any missed deadline may have grave consequences. Gantt charts play an important role here and allow you to schedule and manage your projects like a pro and create a sense of accountability among team members.

Our Gantt charts PPTs let you represent project schedules, activities, and time frames in a visually appealing manner, provide a better understanding of ownership of each task to the project team, and so on.

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Features that Make Our Presentations Worth Downloading

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Who will Find these Slides Beneficial?

Business owners, scheduling managers, business analysts, business development managers, project managers, CEOs, and team leaders will find our slides insightful, irrespective of the domain and size of the organization they are working.

What can Gantt Charts Presentation Templates be Used for? 

  • Showcasing the progress of the project during the process of project management.
  • Displaying task dependencies and overlapping activities.
  • Illustrating tasks, milestones, timelines, and other details in one place.
  • Scheduling the project plans by days, weeks, quarters, and years.
  • Explaining the roles and responsibilities of the project team pertaining to their respective tasks.
  • In-progress tasks and pending activities can be clearly demonstrated that further facilitates efficient time management. 

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