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National Hero’s Day is celebrated to honor real-life heroes who have significantly contributed to the nation’s history, culture, or independence through their deeds and sacrifices. The day is celebrated on different dates in different countries and territories with ceremonies, parades, educational activities, and more. Building monuments and statues and offering awards under notable figures’ names are common ways to recognize and pay tribute to their extraordinary contributions to the nation. Some countries also celebrate the endeavors of their heroes with a public holiday, allowing their citizens to reflect on the legacies of the notable figures.

Download our National Hero’s Day template for PowerPoint and Google Slides to display each country’s unique way of celebrating and commemorating its national heroes. The slides with a light yellow background, stunning graphics, appealing icons, and dynamic design elements will give your presentation a whole new spin. Grab this PPT immediately!

Slides’ Overview

  • A beautiful cover slide is provided to help you begin your presentation impactfully.
  • Illustrate your presentation’s agenda with the Table of Contents slide.
  • Present an introduction to your topic through a silhouette of a superhero.
  • Using two, three, and six-step infographics, you can exhibit the most influential heroes worldwide, their achievements, and more.
  • You can use the timeline infographic to display the diverse dates observed as National Hero’s Day across various nations.
  • Present the biographical information, significant milestones, and contributions of historical figures via a ‘features’ infographic.
  • Showcase inspiring quotes or messages from notable figures with clarity.
  • The influence of a hero across different aspects can be portrayed through a percentage infographic.
  • Use a statistics layout to portray information about the number of monuments, statues, or memorials dedicated to national heroes, academic publications or research studies dedicated to a hero’s life, etc.
  • Showcase the notable heroes from different dimensions via a bar graph.
  • A ‘Thank You’ slide is provided to help you convey an appreciation message for the audience’s undivided attention throughout the presentation.


  • Edit the set components to suit your preferences without confronting challenges.
  • The entire deck has been carefully designed to ensure no user experiences issues related to copyright violations.
  • You can scale the graphics on any screen dimension without fretting about the original quality or resolution.

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