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ID Card Icons

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Identification Cards are needed in every major organization as they present the needed details of any individual. From universities to companies, ID cards are a universal system that is mostly handled by the admin or the HR department of a firm. If you want to present a digital copy of your company’s ID card or have to come up with different options, then why not use these ID Card Icons. Designed by our professionals from scratch, they will give you different options to present your information.

Tons of Icons to Pick from

Most of the native presentation creation applications don’t have the needed icons that can be used as identification cards. We are here to solve this problem with our extensive set of vectors that can be used in MS PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, or Google Slides. Instead of sticking to a single option, you can explore the wide range of vectors that we have included in this set. You can pick either of the slides and use these icons on multiple occasions without worrying about any copyright issues.

100% Customizable

One of the best things about this PPT is that it is entirely editable. Once you clip any ID card icon from here, you can include it in any other document. Later, you can make the needed changes by entering your data or altering its overall look and feel. The layout has featured different color themes for all the icons to save your time and efforts further. You can pick the icon that would suit the tone of your company.

Designed for All

As you can see, these vectors are not specific to a certain domain. It doesn’t matter if you are from academics or healthcare, marketing or manufacturing, you can use this PowerPoint template the way you like. Almost every firm or business needs Identity cards, and thus, your audience would be able to relate to these vectors. You can use them to share details about any individual. For instance, you can share details about your client, team members, key stakeholders, and so on.

User-friendly and High-definition

There are so many reasons for you to download this editable template. You can use them without any designing background or unwanted hassle. Also, they are available in high-definition with dedicated customer support.

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