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Manufacturer To Consumer PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Manufacturer To Consumer PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Leverage our Manufacturer to Consumer (M2C) PPT template to discuss how manufacturers can sell directly to consumers and increase their reach. Business coaches can use this fully customizable deck to explain how entrepreneurs and startup owners can enhance their control and profits by directly selling to consumers without involving a middleman or intermediary in the process. You can use this set to highlight how the M2C model can mutually benefit both manufacturers and consumers in the long-run.

The uncluttered and minimalist design will highlight your ideas and keep your viewers hooked to the presentation. The sleek graphics, captivating colors, and pleasing design layouts will help you initiate a compelling conversation with your audience. So, download this set right away without any further delay!

A Quick Glance at the Slides

  • A beautifully-designed infographic with two distinctly colored circles and relevant vectors graphically presents the M2C model.
  • A comprehensively designed infographic illustrates how the M2C model eliminates intermediaries, distributors, brands, etc., from the chain and works directly with the manufacturer to save the end-consumer cost.
  • An illustration depicts how business processes are changing and enabling brands/manufacturers to sell directly to consumers.
  • An arrow-shaped illustration with eye-catching icons depicts the modern chain of M2C, which comprises B2B, i.e., Manufacturer to Wholesaler and Wholesaler to eCommerce and B2C, i.e., eCommerce to Consumer to make the products reach the final consumer.
  • The essential features and benefits of manufacturer-consumer (direct selling) have been given through a listicle in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Distribution channels of consumer goods have been presented clearly and concisely.

About the Features

  • All-in-one PPT allows you to instantly edit the color and size of the graphics and content to create slideshows that engage your audience.
  • Every object has been designed from scratch to avoid copyright infringement issues.
  • 24*7 customer support desk provides a quick resolution of your queries and issues.
  • High-quality graphics and vectors have been incorporated in this set to ensure excellent resolution.
  • You can use the deck as many times as you want after downloading it once.

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