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Mehrabian Theory PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Mehrabian Theory PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Communication is vital to put anything across. To convey something, we need to have some mode of communication with the opposite person or group. In ancient times, there were many mediums to present information, such as pictures, sounds, hand gestures, language, etc. With the advent of the digital age, these mediums have been reformed for easier comprehension. Our fully customizable Mehrabian Theory PPT explains the discovery by the psychologist Albert Mehrabian made in 1967. It covers a comparison between verbal and non-verbal communication for enhanced skills in the professional world.

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To study the theory via a series of impactful slides, you can download the Mehrabian Theory PowerPoint template quickly by our website. It also comes in two vibrant color themes and can be displayed on both Apple Keynote, and Google Slides as well. The theory considers the fact that our perception of any person is based on a combination of their positive, negative, and neutral attitudes. And this is exhibited by an individual through verbal and non-verbal communication. As a presenter, you can teach your audience or team about this important theory, so that they can improve their communication skills.

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For even smoother and clear comprehension you can thoroughly edit set. The high-definition slides have been based entirely on vector-base. This means you can modify any of the design elements such as icons, objects, etc. as per your presentational needs. Yes, with basic skills you can resize, reshape, recolor, move or remove any of the visual elements without losing the existing high-quality. You can also move your hands freely on the textual content to add more or edit any existing information. Adjustments are needed where you have to extend or contract the duration of the slideshow or address a new type of audience. With this PPT you can let these worries vanish.

Learn and grow

Communication skills trainer, language trainers, educators, instructors, learners, etc. in the field of communication studies, everyone will find this set beneficial. The PPT edifies how the tone of voice, words, and body language come in use in certain percentages of day-to-day communication. These are further broken down into nuances of forms of expression. With this in-depth research compiled into a pack of slides, you can offer your company the gift of learning perfect communication. So just enter your sub-headlines and save hours from spending on creating a powerful slideshow.

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