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Download the Minefield Icons PPT embedded with high-quality visual aids to enhance the visual appeal of your presentation. Professionals belonging to the mining industry can use it to display dangerous locations inside the mine, how to maintain safety inside, the purpose of all the tools & machinery, how to make a safe explosion, location to explode, tips for smoother operations, etc. These icons will make your textual information stand out.

Accentuate the Textual Information

Help your audience focus on the content by including the professionally designed bold and line icons of:

  • A buzzer
  • Symbol of danger
  • A naval mine
  • A steering wheel
  • Danger point
  • A propeller fan

Key Features

  • The PowerPoint slide can be used multiple times by downloading it only once.
  • It is embedded with only editable visual aids to suit your presentation’s needs.
  • Resizing or rescaling them would not hamper their resolution as the graphics used are high-definition.
  • While incorporating the icons, you need not worry about copyright issues.
  • Our customer support executives are well-trained to provide an answer to your every query.

Download the PPT to adorn your presentation!

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