Motorbike Infographics for PowerPoint and Google Slides

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Motorbike Infographics for PowerPoint and Google Slides


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Download our Motorbike Infographics for PowerPoint and Google Slides to give your presentations a vibrant touch and showcase information in easily digestible parts. Motorcycle manufacturers can use these eye-pleasing infographics to display their range of motorcycle models, including details about engine types, mileage, and other specifications. Maintenance experts can capitalize on these high-quality visuals to illustrate a checklist of maintenance and DIY tasks to keep a bike in good condition. Safety experts can use these illustrations in their presentations to portray the essential riding gear to prevent accidents. Market analysts can highlight market trends, sales figures, popular motorbike models, and emerging technologies and innovations in the motorcycle industry. Traffic controllers can leverage this graphic-rich deck to display rules and safety guidelines for two-wheel riders. Event organizers can also visualize information about upcoming motorcycle events, rallies, and races.

Let’s Look at the Slides’ Overview

  • A beautiful cover slide is provided to help you start your presentation well.
  • An infographic of a person riding a bike and various icons of bikes can be used to highlight the features and specifications of different bikes.
  • You can leverage the zigzag road illustration to depict popular motorcycle travel and adventure routes and destinations.
  • A circular illustration can be used to highlight essential safety gear to wear while riding a motorcycle.
  • The icons of bikes with percentage signs can be used to display the major causes of motorcycle accidents.
  • A tabular infographic can be used to showcase the comparison of various types of bikes based on multiple parameters.
  • The donut charts can be used to depict the comparison of fuel efficiency of different motorbikes.


  • The visuals can be conveniently modified without restrictions or challenges.
  • You can project the illustrations on any screen size without disturbing optical resolution or quality.
  • Every attribute has been carefully designed to refrain from copyright issues.

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