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New Product Pricing

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We have introduced the New Product Pricing PPT template to help you portray the factors, such as buying behavior of end-users, competition, etc., contributing to the decision on the pricing strategy for a new product. Project/product managers, senior executives, and consultants can showcase that the pricing strategy should be picked during the product development phase in order to streamline the new product launch and pave the way for high product adoption. Educators can use these 100% editable PowerPoint slides to illustrate a list of all pricing strategies, along with the features, characteristics, and benefits of each.

What’s Inside the Deck?

  • All aspects that should be covered in the pricing strategy for a new product are portrayed via a well-designed illustration curated with appealing icons.
  • The steps to a successful new product pricing strategy are presented via a few rectangular boxes adorned with well-researched content and self-explanatory icons.
  • A brief overview of two significant pricing strategies – Market Skimming and Market Penetration is demonstrated in the other slide.
  • The product pricing strategies for a new product are highlighted via a beautifully designed layout.
  • The description of various product mix pricing strategies is depicted in the last slide.

Enthralling Features

  • You can customize the entire deck and make it in line with your existing or future presentations’ flow without confronting any restrictions.
  • All infographics, icons, visuals, etc., can be scaled to any extent without disturbing the optical resolution.
  • Each element is designed after thorough research to avoid copyright issues.

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