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Phishing Vs Spoofing

Phishing Vs Spoofing

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With our Phishing vs. Spoofing template for Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, you can present a comparative overview of these forms of cyberattacks. Cyber security experts can leverage this well-thought-out deck to explain that one installs virus, ransomware, or spyware in the users’ systems and the other tricks the users into sharing sensitive information with a cyber crook.

You can also describe spoofing as an attack where the attacker impersonates another individual or organization intending to steal the user’s personal information. Conversely, phishing is an attack where an attacker tries to acquire personal information by deceiving people to click a malicious link presented as it came through a legitimate source.

The PowerPoint slides represent a brief overview of spoofing and phishing and the comparison between these cyberattacks based on various factors via a tabular infographic and rectangular boxes.

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