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Platform Economy PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Platform Economy PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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(10 Editable Slides)

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The economy that is facilitated through a platform is a Platform Economy. There are multiple platforms used in the current market environment by various organizations. Since it has a variety of applications that can help a business grow, you can easily discuss its vital details and importance with our professionally made Platform Economy PPT template. It contains multiple slides and infographics to let you share all the information easily. So, download it right away. 

Highlighting Relevant Topics

There are multiple slides in this PowerPoint template incorporated with relevant and well-researched content from our expert research team. Here are a few topics that we have included in this set:

  • Platform-economy success mantras
  • Multi-sided platform market
  • Major types of platform economies
  • Platform-economy ecosystem
  • Traits of the platform economy
  • Various positions of platform-economy
  • Platform-economy opportunities
  • Sharing economy business ecosystem

You can use these slides to easily share all this information or even insert your content in this PPT by adding a new slide or customizing the existing ones. If you are preparing a presentation relevant to this subject, then you can pick any of the slides and use it. In short, this deck is helpful for you in multiple ways, so get it today itself.

User-Friendly Features for Easy Editing

  • Each element of this deck of slides can be modified and that too very comfortably.
  • You can add text and customize its font type, size, color, and format. 
  • To deliver the slideshow on large screens, you can scale and resize the graphics too. 
  • Since they are HD and vector-based, it won't affect the resolution.
  • You can add infographics, charts, tables, icons, pictures, etc. 
  • If required, color customization is also possible.
  • You can easily make all these changes without any professional guidance.

Ideal for Executives and Training Purposes

Senior executives can use it to impart important information to the employees regarding the organization. They can educate peers on how it is transforming other businesses and useful for their own. You can easily access this PPT on the desired platform, as there are separate files for Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote. You will also find downloadable files for different aspect ratios (4:3 and 16:9) to present it on the standard and widescreen sizes. This amazing template is available for download in two color combinations (blue and multicolor). So, get it today!

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