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Prison Icons

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While applications like PowerPoint and Keynote have lots of native icons, they can be too generic and might not help certain professionals. For instance, you might be related to prison administration or could be looking for similar icons that can be missing in PowerPoint or Google Slides. Well, this is exactly where these Prison Icons can help you draft stunning slides with a more personalized appeal.

Tons of industry-specific icons

With this Prison Icons PowerPoint template set, you will never fall short of the right vectors to include in your slideshows. For instance, you can see vectors related to the jury, guards, prisoners, administration, law, and other related things. In this way, you can easily draft a document that is specific to the correctional facilities or prison administration in a superior manner.

Use these vectors with different tools

One of the best things about these high-definition icons is their diverse use. You can easily include these icons in your presentation and later edit them as per your needs. Besides that, they are also fully compatible with other platforms like Google Slides and Apple Keynote, as well.

Having a multi-purpose use

Apart from professionals related to correctional facilities, individuals from different domains can also use this set. For instance, you can use either of these vectors to give an analogy of the prison. Therefore, these PPT icons can be used by consultants, HR professionals, therapists, counselors, and other individuals as well.

So many features to offer

Our professional designers have drafted this set from scratch to make sure you won’t face the slightest of trouble using them. That is why you can use these vectors on multiple occasions without any copyright issues. Furthermore, the entire set is available in different color themes that would also save your time in editing. 

Just pick any vector from the set and include it in your documents without any hassle. You can also change their overall appearance by customizing them. To do that, you don’t need to use any third-party tool or need any designing experience. Go ahead and use these icons the way you like and never fall short of the right visuals while drafting your next slideshow.

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