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Red Pitch Deck

Red Pitch Deck

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(14 Editable Slides)
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Download our Red Pitch Deck for PowerPoint and Google Slides to add enthusiasm and excitement to your presentations. Startup owners and entrepreneurs can use this set to portray their business ideas to attract potential investors and partners. Business development professionals can illustrate plans for introducing a new product or service and business expansion to a new or existing market. Marketing professionals can use compelling layouts to present advertising or marketing campaign proposals before top management. Sales professionals can also use these visuals to make their sales pitches attention-grabbing. Besides them, professionals from different fields can use this PPT according to their objectives.

With the white and red color combinations in the slides, you can ignite a sense of involvement among the audience and make it easier for them to retain the presented information for longer.

A Quick Look at the Slides’ Design

  • You can use the eye-pleasing cover slide to make the beginning of your presentation unforgettable.
  • Illustrate your presentation’s key topics with the Table of Contents format.
  • Depict your company’s overview through an elegant design.
  • Portray your core team members’s skill sets, expertise, and more through profile layouts.
  • You can exhibit your proposed solution to the identified problem through an aesthetic design.
  • Present your company’s SWOT analysis comprehensively.
  • You can depict your product and service offerings via an exquisite graphic.
  • Display your sales and marketing strategy through a bar graph.
  • With a tabular graphic, you can highlight your competitor analysis.
  • Present the distribution of your target audience according to age and gender through a demographics layout.
  • Use the donut chart to illustrate your firm’s financial overview.
  • With a timeline infographic, you can portray a five-year roadmap.
  • Through an eye-pleasing design, you can demonstrate your funding requirements and how you will utilize them.
  • A ‘Thank You’ slide is provided to help you communicate your appreciation for the audience’s unwavering attention throughout the slideshow.


  • You don’t need prior editing knowledge or special tools to alter and adjust the components according to your preferences.
  • You can project the visuals on any screen without hampering the optical resolution and quality.
  • Everything has been carefully designed to eliminate the scope for copyright issues.

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