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Value Stream Mapping

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One of the most trusted methodologies for mapping of material and information flow, Value Stream Mapping is used by plenty of companies out there. Majorly used by Toyota, it has found a way in several other firms in order to streamline the overall mapping of any relevant process. It is a lean-management method and is commonly used to analyze various stages of any event or series. Furthermore, it can be applied to any value chain, which imparts such a wide usage to it.

Initially, Value Stream Mapping was used in manufacturing and production. Today, due to its vast application, it has made its way in almost every industry. It is used in healthcare, Information Technology, logistics, service related companies, supply chain, administration services, and a lot more. Its diverse usage makes it such a universally recognized concept. To make things easier for you, we have designed this well-researched Value Stream Mapping PowerPoint Template.

Covering almost everything from the basic meaning of VSM to its key components and mapping symbols to the overall process, we have left no stone un-turned in order to let you explore this topic in a faultless manner. Since the subject has such a wide range of applications, almost every kind of professional can make the best out of this set. From company owners and managers to business analysts and quality analysts, it will serve its purpose to every professional in its own way.

It doesn't matter if you belong to healthcare, Information Technology, production, or logistics, you can definitely streamline everything by making others familiar with this methodology. Discuss the overall VSM process, come up with a schedule, and get your entire team involved. The concept has drastically made its way in almost every software firm, as it can help exponentially regarding the development of any software as well.

Manage everything in a timely manner and streamline all the processes under one roof. Use this professional tool and provide insightful knowledge about the subject to your audience. With these high-definition PPT slides, you would be able to explain more in less time. Your audience would be able to gain more information without getting deviated by anything at all. Available in different color themes, you can easily edit these slides and save your time and resources in the process.

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