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Workforce Vector Graphic

Workforce Vector Graphic

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Our Workforce Vector Graphic for PowerPoint and Google Slides is an ideal choice to give an appealing look to your presentations and help the audience process all takeaways. The slides feature layouts of male and female professionals, such as a lawyer, a doctor, a plumber, a businessperson, an engineer, a nurse, etc. Enough space is provided in each slide to add the desired text.

Organizations and institutions can leverage the visuals to showcase their team structure, an overview of their team members' skills and expertise, and more. Educators can use these graphics to facilitate easy understanding among the students about each professional’s unique roles and responsibilities. Career counselors can include these graphics in their presentations to highlight the educational requirements to become a doctor, engineer, businessperson, lawyer, etc.


  • All users can make the desired edits irrespective of their technical proficiency.
  • The visuals will render the same quality on all screen dimensions.
  • Our designers have crafted the entire set from scratch to eliminate the scope for copyright-related concerns.

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