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Annually, on October 9th, World Post Day is observed. This day aims to raise awareness about the postal sector’s importance and contribution to social and economic development around the world. It also commemorates the creation of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 1874. Various activities are organized to promote cooperation among postal organizations globally and ensure the smooth functioning of international mail delivery. This day also provides an opportunity to recognize the postal sector’s role in facilitating communication, commerce, and cultural exchange across borders.

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  • Begin your presentation with an impact using our compelling cover slide.
  • Portray your presentation’s agenda with our Table of Contents slide.
  • Showcase a brief overview of your topic via an infographic of the postal box.
  • With four and five-step infographics, you can highlight different postal services, the economic importance of the postal sector, etc.
  • Illustrate the evolution of postal services from ancient times to the modern era via a timeline graphic.
  • Portray a great saying about the postal services using a quote infographic.
  • Showcase various aspects of the postal sector, such as the distribution of mail volume by type, the percentage of mail delivered within different timeframes, sources of revenue for postal operators, etc., through pie charts.
  • Present the global postal industry size, the mail volume handled by postal services, parcel delivery growth, and more with clarity.
  • Leverage the demographics infographic to depict the distribution of postal service users based on age and gender.
  • Use a bar graph to display the trend in mail volume over the years, a comparison of key performance metrics, such as delivery speed, accuracy, and customer satisfaction ratings, market share of major postal operators, etc.
  • You can leverage a world map diagram to highlight the global postal network, major postal organizations, service coverage areas of specific postal operators, postal delivery routes, and more.
  • Using our ‘Thank You’ slide, convey your thanks to your audience for being interested throughout the presentation.


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