Transaction PowerPoint & Google Slides Templates


Transaction PowerPoint Templates and Google Slides Themes

Use our Transaction PowerPoint Templates and Google Slides Themes to transform your presentations into memorable experiences and elevate your message. The well-designed decks will help you create a visual impact and captivate the audience. 

Various stunning decks are available covering a multitude of topics, such as transaction processing systems, transaction monitoring, suspicious transactions, related party transactions, transaction chargeback process, online transaction processing, transactional selling vs. consultative selling, transactional model, transactional vs. relationship NPS, transactional revenue model, etc. 

Senior executives can make the most of the sets to present financial reports, transaction updates, and more with a touch of sophistication and professionalism. Fraud management analysts can showcase types of suspicious transactions and the procedure for identifying, evaluating, and reporting them. IT professionals can use these decks to portray the types of transaction processing systems and their widespread applications across the fields, from retail and finance to healthcare and government services. Educators can utilize PPTs to demonstrate various concepts, including factors involved in the transaction, the buying & selling process, mode of payment, and more. Chargeback experts can use these templates to describe how transaction chargebacks work and the steps to file one without any roadblocks or challenges. 

The decks feature contemporary designs and vibrant color schemes. Make them yours to give your presentations a refreshing and elegant look!


  • The user-friendly editing allows easy customizations without prior editing knowledge or special tools. 
  • The graphic quality won’t get hampered, even when scaled to a widescreen. 
  • Our designers have crafted the set from scratch, leaving no room for copyright issues.