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5 Whys PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

5 Whys PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Our 5 Whys PowerPoint Template consists of 11 fully editable PPT slides. Handcrafted by experts, our template uses latest technology and contemporary style giving you the most modern and easy to use visual aids. The trendy table charts, catchy illustrative boxes, and sleek circular illustrations depicted in the set will make your information interesting and more straightforward to project your questions or "whys".

The set is completely customizable. It allows you to change the color, shape and size. Adding your text, company logo or name is equally effortless. You can be a regular employee or a CEO; an educator or an academic student; a trainer or a trainee; a government official or a business person; the set being versatile will work at its best across different fields and areas. You'll never again get fatigued dealing with visual technicalities and yet present like a genius! From everyday meetings and weekly seminars to annual talks and special events, you can use this template set to create most engaging presentation.


5 Whys Technique is one of the most effective methods to unearth the root cause of a problem. Developed in 1930's by Sakichi Toyoda, the founder of Toyota industries also known as one of the pioneers of Japanese industrial revolution, the technique became most popular in 1970s and is still used by Toyota industries for problem solving on day to day basis. It is a simple and straightforward approach to deal with recurrent and complex problems as it questions the root cause and helps you have an in-depth understanding of the real cause. Using this iterative interrogative approach you get to ask "why" a particular problem is troubling you and get to the real cause.

Generally, when a discussion is scheduled, questions up-to 5 times are asked to analyze the situation and reach the apt cause. This technique is one of the best ways for making a meeting productive at its best as well as for ensuring better follow-up actions or implementation of right steps leading to productivity and successful outcome.

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