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Power Resources PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Power Resources PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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As the name suggests, our Power Resources PowerPoint Template has been designed to host a presentation on the conventional and non-conventional energy sources of the planet. The template set is a collection of 8 editable PPT slides which can be easily customized by you according to your requirements.

The set contains colorful graphics which depict the concept and components of these Resources in an enticing way to your audience. The colorful slides of this presentation discuss about renewable energy sources and non-renewable energy sources and has different slides for both these topics. It also outlines the alternative sources of energy and about how garbage, sewage and other waste material can be used to produce clean energy for human use and consumption. The presentation also carries slides where statistics can be presented in front of the audience describing topics such as energy consumption or resources availability in various parts of the world.

The text boxes present in the slides offer you space and convenience to add your content and describe your presentation in a more effective way and according to your requirements. Being a vast topic to discuss upon, the template helps you out with attractive graphical shapes and layout to convey your message more effectively.


Power Resources are energy sources present on the planet from which humans satisfy their need for obtaining energy. They have been divided into two categories namely Renewable Energy Sources and Non-Renewable Energy Sources where the main difference between them is that the former is available in a limited amount on the planet as causes pollution and hence damage to the nature, while the latter is infinitely available, and is clean and doesn't cause pollution and damage to the nature. Various alternatives to the current energy sources are being researched upon with the exhausting resources and overpopulating planet.

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